Live Audio Engineering

With any audio project, it’s all about the details. You want your audience at a live event to be enriched by a full harmony listening experience. That includes every single tweak of sound – from the heavy drums to the high octave vocals. And you can trust our trained professionals to keep a close ear at every step – live at your event. Keep in mind that no two event locations are the same, whether that means it takes place at a small or large indoor venue, concert hall, outdoor festival, corporate event or fundraising benefit.


It all requires a precise orchestration of microphones, amplifiers, audio lines, monitors and mixing boards – and the right mix of personality when working with our clients. You want someone standing behind the board that easily knows your room’s acoustics, knows how to properly equalize or tone shape or compress. Our experts will work with you in knowing the context you want to create for your event.


Let’s sit down and talk about what you’d like to hear in a finished film so we know the cues we should follow in live audio engineering and recording.


From planning to execution to post-production and distribution, our talented team will be with you every step of the way to bring your business to life and change lives along the way during the live audio engineering process. Call us to make an appointment today.

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