Video Production


You’ve chosen to produce a video for a reason. To tell your story. So you should feel comfortable with who is behind the camera helping you to accomplish that.


Whether it’s for corporate, commercial or entertainment purposes, Reel Events, based in Myrtle Beach, has more than 30 years of experience producing videos for clients on a full scale of settings, styles, timelines and budgets. So we’re the team to handle your job.


Our Marketing Videos cover the gamut of projects for clients in the hospitality, technology, finance, fashion, transportation, real estate or PR industries (to name a few) in the form of training videos, brand videos, CEO profiles, Web videos, corporate videos, pitches, employee profiles, recruitment videos, fundraising videos, documentaries, instructional or educational videos and more.


Our Commercials work in tandem with ad agencies or directly with you to produce a creative video ad for your business or product, which can include TV commercials, Web commercials, promo videos, teaser videos, video production, social media videos, viral videos and more.


Our Events have taken us nationwide to a schedule of venues and genres, from sports and dance to concerts, entertainment and film. We’ll also get down to business and be there for your corporate meetings, conventions and trade shows, awards shows and PR events. You’re event coverage is in capable hands from start to close.


Through our video production, which aligns our passion for the creative arts and live arts, as well as the technical aspects of our attention to detail, editing and, well, just getting it right, we are here to tell your story – and tell it in the right way for you, your goals and for your audience to connect. And that only increases attention, participation and sales. It adds something to everyone’s lives.


Give us a call when you’re ready for Reel Events to press record and share your story.

Reel Events is a Myrtle Beach video production company located in South Carolina. Reel Events offers videography, media creation, audio recording & design and lighting for clients along the Grand Strand. Video production services include filming commercials, events, live streaming, multi-camera shoots, training videos, 4K video editing and marketing videos. Reel Events is located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.