It’s one reason why it’s listed first in that well-known directive, “Lights, camera, action!” Just as audio, lighting is key to a successful video project. At Reel Events, not only do we have knowledgeable expert lighting staff, but also the vital gear to make your project, well, shine.


We’ll light things up for projects such as:


  • On Location Shoots
  • Conferences or Seminars
  • Indoor/Outdoor Venues


Our crew knows how to best utilize our equipment to provide:


  • Backlighting, to give a pleasant depth to the shot and separate your subject from the background. Backlights are placed behind the subject and shed light on the head and shoulders.
  • Key lighting, or the main/dominant lighting.
  • Fill Lighting, which supports the key light, just at a lower intensity and brightness and acts as a fill-in for the shadows created by the key light. You can increase and decrease the drama and contrast of your video by increasing the intensity of key and fill lights.


See things in a new light. Let’s sit down and talk more about how our lighting services can benefit you. From planning to execution to post-production and distribution, our talented team will be with you every step of the way to bring your business to life and change lives along the way. Call us to make an appointment today.

Reel Events is a Myrtle Beach video production company located in South Carolina. Reel Events offers videography, media creation, audio recording & design and lighting for clients along the Grand Strand. Video production services include filming commercials, events, live streaming, multi-camera shoots, training videos, 4K video editing and marketing videos. Reel Events is located in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.